Ending the scourge of global energy poverty has rightly become an international priority – but governments and the international community still lack the tools and approaches necessary to deliver on this important objective. One major reason for this is that current approaches do not meaningfully consider or understand the realities of energy-poor people or the technologies most suited to addressing their needs.

This Poor people’s energy outlook is the first volume of a three-part guide for re-writing how the world needs to think about, and act on, energy service delivery if we are to eradicate energy poverty by 2030 in line with global goals. This current edition focuses on robust energy planning and policymaking for universal access; the 2017 edition will focus on financing national energy access plans; and the 2018 edition will show how to deliver universal access in practice.

Nombre largo
Autor Practical Action
Año de Edición 2016
Editorial Practical Action
Páginas 90
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Tema Principal HUB Conceptos de la Energía

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